We interviewed Fernando Saddi – Founder and CEO at Easy Carros

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In the last edition of G-Startup, the Brazilian Company Easy Carros got the first position in the Brazilian competition and second place in the most import competition of Silicon Valley.

Available for Android, iOS and internet, Easy Carros is an on-demand platform of  services which connects owners of vehicles with the best automotive suppliers. Using the platform, users can request according to the place of their preference, different kind of services as eco-friendly car washing, car waxing, polishing, car oil exchange and more. Founded in January 2015 with the main objective of provide facilities services and develop sharing economy, the company is present in 32 cities and 4 Brazilian states.

We interviewed Fernando Saddi, Founder and CEO at Easy Carros:

What were the expectations of Easy Carros for G-Startup in 2016?

Our expectation was only to participate of this event with some personalities of the mobile world to learn with the event and competition, but the results were even best that we are expecting for. We were awarded as the best startup of Brazil and the second best in the global competition.

Fernando Saddi – G-Startup (São Paulo)

How was the experience of had participated of G-Startup in Brazil?

It was incredible, because we made great hiring´s for the team and met important coachers and strategic partners. Also, it was a terrific opportunity to have our company presented to countless important investors around the world.

How do you evaluate Easy Carros´ exposure obtained after the participation in G-Startup?

It has been several mounts already since the grand final in Silicon Valley, and since now I meet people who comment about our performance on GMIC main stage.

After all, the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Brazil and Latin America were there and to leave the competition as winners gave us high visibility and media coverage.

“If you want to build a company with global potential, this is the event that you must be part of.”

What was the biggest benefit of attending G-Startup?

It was the opportunity to build relationship with coachers, investors and partners. These contacts brought important benefits to Easy Carros, not giving us only visiability as turning the company reliable.

About the grand final at Silicon Valley. What did you like most about your trip?

The experience to visit Silicon Valley with the G-Startup team was such amazing.

To start with, I met entrepreneurs from all over the world who are very capable and they are going through the same time in their companies. This opportunity gave me a sense of comfort and great empathy.  

Moreover, the fact of known the campus of some of the world´s largest technology companies, meeting the leaders and get exposed making a proposal for Sequoia Capital funds and Tim Draper himself, summed up this unique opportunity.

During the final, who did you know there? Are there any investors that you keep in touch with?

I keep in touch more with investors that I met in the Brazilian final, many of whom I developed a close relationship, especially with Kaszek and eBricks.       

Regarding the United States, I still keep in touch with some, but their company´s moment and place of investment do not fit in our moment nowadays.

Has G-Startup opened any business opportunities for Easy Carros?

Big companies from the automotive market looked for us after the awards, thereat, partnerships came out and evolved a lot after the event.       

Besides the cash value, what were the other benefits that you can consider important in the competition?

 Network and knowledge. 

Worldwide Final (Silicon Valley)


Any tips for Brazilian Startups?

There are few competitions available in Brazil able to give you the opportunity of global exposure which join renowned investors as much as G-Startup.

If you want to build a company with global potential, this is the event that you must be part of.

Do you believe we can have a Brazilian champion In Silicon Valley this year?

Last year we were almost there, getting the second place of best startup in the world.

Brazilian companies have been developing more and more and the ecosystem is improving, therefore, certainly we will have clear chances of having one champion this year. After all, Brazilians never gives up. 😉 😉 😉


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